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Main sponsor

MIFUMA is from 2018 EE-Main sponsor in the animal feed sector

MIFUMA 2017 040
Jürgen Vedder, managing director of the mixed fodder plant Mannheim GmbH – MIFUMA, Mannheim.
MIFUMA 2017 041
MIFUMA managing director Jürgen Vedder and EE honorary President Urs Freiburghaus in the huge warehouses of the MIFUMA Mannheim.
MIFUMA 2017 046
With a firm handshake, the conclusion of the contract between the mixed fodder plants Mannheim GmbH-MIFUMA and the European Association of Small Animal breeders EE was sealed. That is how it should be in a good partnership. MIFUMA is the first major sponsor that could be won for the EE. We are looking forward to a good cooperation and ask the EE member associations and their members to support the company MIFUMA as much as possible.. Visit the website ::