Pezinok – Rozálka, Slovakia, 14th -16 th, April 2023

 Dear fellow judges, dear country officials

As announced on our website, the judges’ training course will take place from 14th to16th April 2023 in Slovakia.

Enclosed are the invitation, registration cover sheet and registration list.

We look forward to an instructive and friendly training course with many participants.

Please observe the following points:

– Registration only by country, no individual registrations

– Registration period ends on 15th, February 2023

– Please send your registration until 12th, February 2023 to Urban Hamann

– Register with registration list, the registration sheet with contact details and the signature of  the responsible person

– Please pay the fees to the seminar organizer until 13th, February 2023

  If you have any questions about the seminar or accommodation, please contact the person mentioned on the invitation, Monika Sládeková.

Best regards

The division board and standard commission

EE Rabbit seminar 2023

Registration cover

Judges registration list

Judges registration list PDF

18th international training of EE Judges from section Rabbits

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