29th European Show – 5th European Show for young breeder 9th – 11th November 2018, Messecenter Herning, Denmark

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plakat a4-wl medalje 2018-foto


Many thanks again to the organizers, helpers, exhibitors, visitors etc. for the unforgettable European Show in Herning / DK. It was very nice and friendships could be maintained and new ones were created.

Congratulation also to all winners AND not – winners!



Pigeons catalog

Pigeons European Champion_collection_per 30.11.2018

Pigeons European Champion_per 18.11.2018

Pigeons European Champion Junior_collection_per 18.11.2018

Pigeons European Champion Junior_per 18.11.2018


Poultry catalog

Poultry catalog Junior

Poultry European Champion_collection_per 25.11.2018

Poultry European Champion_per 29.11.2018

Ornamental Fowl European Champion_per 12.05.2019


Rabbits catalog

Rabbits catalog New races

Rabbits catalog Junior

Rabbits European Champion All (collections)

Rabbits European Champion Junior (collections)

Rabbits European Champion All

Rabbits European Champion Junior_per 21.01.2019

Kanin-Hop list of winners


Birds catalog

Birds European Champion (collections)

Birds European Champion


Cavy European Champion

Cavy catalog P.204

Cavy catalog P.205

Cavy catalog P.206


Pictures 05.11.2018

Pictures 06.11.2018

Pictures 07.11.2018

Pictures 09.11.2018, Opening & Entrance

Pictures 08.-11.11.2018

Pictures 11.11.2018, Departure & dismantling 

Pictures Pigeons from Roberto Comi


Some pictures are also on Facebook under group: EE-Members.


29th European Show 9th – 11th November 2018, Herning, Denmark

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