The EE Advisory Council on Animal Health and Welfare has achieved a partial success in the implementation of EU Regulation 2020/688. Since 08.02.2023, every breeder who wants to exhibit his poultry, pigeons or birds abroad no longer has to present a health certificate from his official veterinarian. Newly, a single certificate can also be issued for a collective transport. This saves each individual a lot of trouble and costs.
On 02.02.2023, the third meeting already took place between members of the responsible EU Commission and the responsible persons of the Advisory Council. The main issue was that foreign animals should also be sold at shows and no longer have to return to their home country. The members of the Commission took the arguments of the Advisory Council favourably, but now want to discuss this internally. So, there is hope that a simplification can be achieved in this regard as well.

EE Advisory Board for Animal Health and Welfare
Dr. med. vet. Erik Apperlo, Chairman

Partial success in the implementation of EU Regulation 2020/688

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