DSC_0105It is the aim of the Cavy Section within the EE to unite all cavy fanciers throughout Europe.

The section therefore lends the following support:

  • To preserve and support all existing and standardised breeds (our cultural heritage)!
  • To promote thus far unstandardised or new breeds and colours.
  • To present all affiliated countries with as much information as possible in all fields.
  • Encouraging the exchange of information of technical as well practical natures between the affiliated countries.
  • To arrange judges.
  • To arrange breeding stock.
  • To facilitate judges for shows in affiliated countries.
  • To arrange annual judges’ seminars to further the development of judges from all affiliated countries.
  • To train up and make exams for judges in newly affiliated countries.
  • To aid and support all affiliated countries in all matters that concern the keeping, breeding and exhibiting of cavies.